Category Archives: Places & Spaces 1931 to 1970

Best Frenemies: The St. Pete – Tampa Rivalry

The rivalry between the two cities on Tampa Bay started over a hundred years ago [...]

Freaks and Geeks: Tampa Bay’s Sideshow Town

The town of Gibsonton, Florida is falling from the radar but was once well known [...]

The Oddly Unsuccessful History of Madeira Beach

I’ve always kind of wondered about the history of Madeira Beach. Traveling the beach road [...]

The Don Ce-Sar: A Castle Made of Sand Pt. 2

Part 2 of a history of the iconic Don Ce-Sar Hotel near St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Pete in the 1930s: Tan Lines Optional

Did you know that back in 1930 the city of St. Pete, in its never [...]

Jack Kerouac: The End of the Road

Jack Kerouac, iconic author and Beat Movement protagonist, died at 5:45 am on Oct. 21, [...]

Into the Jungle

A single St. Pete location with remnants of ancient tribes, Spanish explorations, a Speakeasy, bootleggers, [...]

Let’s Bowl St. Pete Style

Check out the fascinating, healthful, clean sport called lawn bowling that was brought to the [...]

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