Treasure Island Beach

Treasure Island was opened to tourism after World War 2, and many of the quaint motels and cottage-style establishments built during the boom period still exist along the ultra-wide beach. This gives Treasure Island a comfortable vibe that can be busy but usually not overcrowded, and hearkens back to a vanishing ‘Old Florida’ feel at times. The beach is very popular with families due to its very gentle waters and less crowded feel, all while still being close to all the amenities of a laid-back beach town.

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Treasure Island is its own key nestled north of St. Pete Beach and south of Madeira Beach. Home to a mix of 50s-style motels, some newer mid-sized hotels, and many beach cottage rentals, Treasure Island is fairly laid back and less crowded than some other beaches in the area. While Treasure Island Beach is still lined with tourist establishments, the hotels and rentals are smaller than you will find at other beaches which helps to keep the beach less crowded. Treasure Island is also a very wide beach, perhaps the widest in St. Pete, so there is plenty of room to spread out.

On Treasure Island you won’t find a lot of shade, and there are fewer walk up establishments than on the more developed beaches. However, Gulf Boulevard is just on the other side of the hotels and you can find shops and restaurants everywhere. The sand on Treasure Island is powdery and white, perfect for building that castle and comfortable to walk and lie on. If you enjoy walking or jogging on the beach, you will find miles of gentle shoreline to explore.

A great tip if you are driving to Treasure Island for the day is to look for one of the dozens of ‘Beach Access’ signs spaced all along the island. Some have free parking and you will find the beach less crowded at these oft-overlooked access points.

The south tip of Treasure Island is known as Sunset Beach. While there are few amenities there you will also find that there are less people, a gentle shore, and a more natural beachfront experience for those who want to get away while still being close to hotels and restaurants.

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