320 Park Street S 33707

Then and Now — 1924 & 2021

Many of us know this home as the “Tony Little” house, which had been combined/connected with another Spanish style home on 3rd Ave to make a HUGE estate.

But did you know that in 1924 it was the home of Walter Hagen, golf pro? Hagen was an American professional golfer and a major figure in golf in the first half of the 20th century. His tally of 11 professional majors is third behind Jack Nicklaus (18) and Tiger Woods (15). Hagen is widely considered one of the greatest golfers ever.

The gentlemen that started the club may or may not have known that 100 years later the organization would still be going strong. But in fact it is! The perhaps slightly under-the-radar St. Pete Lawn Bowling Club is now recognized as the oldest organized lawn bowling club in Florida, and 10th oldest in the US. I’m honestly flabbergasted that there are 10 of these clubs anywhere. Who knew?! What started out as a small club grew rapidly in 1920s St. Petersburg during the Golden Era. There were a couple forces at work that made it so.

Lawn Bowling Outside the Coliseum

Hagen purchased the new Schooley-Murphy (Builders) home at 320 Park Street So. where he lived with his wife and bird dog. A year later, in 1925, another famous sportsman purchased a home a few blocks from Hagen —- Babe Ruth —-both men were well known at Jungle Golf and Country Club and played many rounds of golf together.

Historic Photos of 320 Park Street South

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