Coffee Pot Bayou Name

If you, like me, have wondered at some point why someone named Coffee Pot Bayou what it is, I have your evidence and a couple other facts!


Coffee Pot Bayou with carafeAs most of you know, people generally say with some air of hesitation, “Well, from the air it looks like a coffee pot.” Then you probably tilt your head sideways and say “huh.” So recently I got an “aha moment” from an old newspaper article, which said “the coffee from the pot flowed into the bay.” Well, I have to say I see it now.
I found an old map before any dredging was done of CPB, and then found a picture of an 1800’s era Coffee Pot. You need to use an old fashioned pot, as the bayou was named in the 1800s — it isn’t modeled after your fancy Keurig coffee machine! Finally, I can say with some certainty… Mystery solved. It is a little bit constellation-ish, but if you can see the big dipper in the sky I suppose you can see this too.
A couple other little facts. One unpopular theory on the name was that the water coming out of the bayou was the color of coffee. No one seemed to agree with that theory.  One other theory, passed on recently, was that there was a freshwater spring in the bayou that was shallow enough to bubble above the surface, and fishermen could allegedly fill their coffee pots with the fresh water.
And the other interesting fact is that the little inlet just to the north on the old map was casually referred to as Tea Pot Bayou, because it was small, and probably just for fun with CPB right there. Humor in the 1800’s wasn’t really all that funny by today’s standards. That said, Tea Pot is gone now, a victim of dredging and seawalls and things.


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