Kids and Kubs Softball: Seventy-five forever

The Kids and Kubs Softball Team is legendary to St. Pete. It also goes by the moniker “Three-Quarter Century Softball” which means you must be a male of no less than 75 years in order to join. The team’s been around since 1930 when our town was well and truly the recreation capital of the nation; rumor has it Babe Ruth coached a few games while here for Spring Training. In the old days, players wore natty bow ties and long pants along with their spectacles; today the uniform is comprised of more forgiving-in-the-heat long or short dark blue pants, a red, white, and blue cap with the Kids and Kubs logo, and a black bowtie. 

Games are played on a real dirt field in beautiful North Shore Park, on the bay front and in the shadow of the downtown skyline. The regular intraclub competitive season runs from November 1 to March 31.

Original Memorial for the Organization.

During the first season, the team voted in as team president Chas. W. Eldridge, born June 29, 1831, who landed his post at the age of 100. He held this office until 1937. According to some accounts of the time, Mr Eldridge was still playing softball at age 107!

In 1932, Babe Ruth – yes, the famous Yankee slugger – made an appearance as home plate umpire at a few of the games during major league spring training.

The Kids and Kubs incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1938 and formed a Charter on file with the Florida Secretary of State.

These amazing senior gents play three days a week and also actively raise money for charity. Who says you have to slow down when you become older? These young-at-heart men prove that you don’t.

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