950 38th Ave N 33704

Then and Now — 1931 & 2022 950 38th Ave No. (Allendale Terrace)

From 1931: “This home built in Allendale Terrace is now occupied by Edward C. Gale of Indianapolis, Indiana. Here is a letter from Mr. Gale to Mr. Cade B. Allen, developer: “Dear Mr. Allen, Being a subscriber of St. Petersburg Times, which follows me wherever I go, I noticed several articles pertaining to your development of Allendale Terrace. It might be interesting to you to know why I located in Allendale Terrace, of which there are many reasons. The location I considered the best in St. Petersburg on account of the elevation. The details are such that make home life desirable. The most beautiful drives, and many other good reasons. Your homes already erected, and your building program is a credit to St. Petersburg. Success to you and the purchasers of your fine homes. Yours Truly, Edward C. Gale”

Edward Gale

This home was purchased in 1931 by Mr. Edward Christian Gale who was born on December 25, 1874 in Cumberland Indiana, the youngest of five children born to Charles and Louise Gale. Edward received his schooling in local schools in Indianapolis.

Christenia Gale

It was in Indianapolis where Edward met Ms. Christenia Nuerge (who went by Tenia). Edward was working as a clerk when the two were married on April 20, 1898. Edward and Tenia had two children, Raymond (1899) and Clarence (1902).

In early 1912 Edward went to work for the Home Elevator Company in Indianapolis and by 1918 had worked his way up to Vice President and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Edward would ultimately become President of the Company. On December 26, 1912, one day after Edward’s 38th birthday and Christmas, their oldest son Raymond died from Scarlet Fever, he was 13 years old. He was buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis.

By 1920 Edward, Tenia and Clarence were spending their winters in St. Pete and it was in 1931 that the family fell in love with this featured home at 950 38th Ave No. (38th Ave No. was originally called Clearview Ave., until the name was changed in the late 1920’s). The house was in the family until 1959 when it was sold. As a side note, in the late 1990’s the address was changed from 950 38th Ave. No. to 3741 Foster Hills Dr.

Edward died on December 7, 1964, at age 89, Tenia passed away on October 31, 1967, at age 91. They were both buried at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis Indiana next to their son, Raymond.

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