950 12th St. N 33705

Then and Now — 1929 & 2021 —  950 12th St No.

From 1929: “Spectacular two-story brick house, 9 rooms and 2 baths, 3-car garage with 3-room and bath apartment over. Unfurnished. Price $13,500. Appraisal $19,000.”

Donald MacIntyre

In 1929 this house was purchased by Rev Donald MacIntyre and his wife Edith. The MacIntyres came to St. Pete in the early 1920’s for the Reverend’s health. In 1926 they opened the “MacIntyre Restorium” at 2742 4th St. No. and in 1929 moved it to this location.

Rev Donald MacIntyre was born July 2, 1873, in Canada. Donald was called to be a Baptist minister and started his preaching in Canada at age 21. In 1906 Donald married Edith McKerricher and the couple had two children, Donald Jr. and Jean. As mentioned above, Donald’s health wasn’t the best and the family decided to winter in St. Petersburg where the climate was better. The MacIntyre’s ran their Restorium (Senior’s Home) in St. Pete until 1932 when they moved to North Carolina to open a convalescent home there. They sold the house to Mrs. C.S. Rodman and relocated to North Carolina. Rev Donald MacIntyre died in North Carolina on October 24, 1949, at the age of 76. Edith died January 15, 1965, at the age of 82.

Mrs. Rodman lived in the house from 1933 until 1944 when she sold it to Mrs. E.T. Gaffney who wanted to make it a Restorium again. Mrs. Gaffney approached the city commission for a variance to allow this to be done (obviously the zoning rules had changed since 1929) but she was refused. The neighborhood showed up at the commission meeting and argued that the old Restorium was not a welcome venue in the neighborhood, and neither would this one be. 

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