945 38th Ave N 33704

From the 1938 exposé in the Times : “Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. McNair’s cream colored stucco home, of Spanish design with the main part two stories high and the low side wings topped with heavy red tile, is considered on of the attractive Allendale residences. It was purchased by the McNairs when they came here from Detroit several years ago.”

“The house located at 945 38th Avenue North, has a 180 foot frontage. Grounds on the eastside are landscaped with royal palm trees, kumquat, acacia and canary date palm trees and other attractive foliage. From any window, one can see some part of this tropical paradise.”

“Until last year year house was smaller, with a little porch to the south. But now the McNairs have torn out partitions, converted windows into arch doors and added a huge sun parlor that is without doubt the most popular part of the home. It opens on the north, south and east, has nearly a dozen windows and its own separate hot water heating plant. Tiled floors are covered with oriental rugs, the walls are a rough stucco used all over the house, and there is a mosaic border around the windows. Green wicker furniture and neutral tan drapes complete the harmonizing picture.”

“Oriental rugs attract the eye in all the rooms, particularly in the large living room where one of deep red covers almost the entire floor space. In this room, there are moulded ceilings, light fixtures of bronze and tan, and a graceful fireplace of modernistic design. The furniture, massive and of carved mahogany, is upholstered in harmonizing shades, blending well with the gold drapes and ivory woodwork.”

“The dining room, furnished in mahogany, has a blue oriental rug, and arched doors joining this with other downstairs rooms give one a wide sweep of the entire house at a glance. Then there is the breakfast nook, and adjoining this the electrically equipped kitchen with a gay color scheme of rose, green and yellow. In this part of the house are the refrigerator room, lavatory and a door connecting with the side garage.”

“The stairway, carpeted in deep red broadloom ends in a big, pleasantly furnished, hall, off which are the three bedrooms and den. The Master bed room with adjoining bath, has a green broadloom carpeting, six windows, paneled doors and is furnished with an imported mahogany suite. Italian filet spreads on the bed convey a nice air of distinction.”

“Another bedroom, with blue green broadloom and walnut furniture, has dotted curtains at the windows…in the third sleeping room is a deep violet broadloom carpet, four poster bed, antique whatnot and old-fashioned rocking chair. The second bath is in rose.”

“Mr. McNair, until his retirement, was president of the United States Radiator corporation and other manufacturing companies. He has a den with a fine library. He has many pronounced views on homes among them opinion that a person should live in the south a few years before building. He has been here just long enough to have planned his own dream house, with porch encircling almost the entire dwelling. Mrs. McNair, however, is content with her present home – and justifiably–because of its excellent arrangement of rooms, artistic furnishings (most of which were brought by the McNairs from Detroit) and modern equipment.”

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