944 39th Ave N 33703

Then and Now — 1929 & 2021 —  944 39th Ave. No. (Allendale)

This home was built by Allen B. Cade, developer of Allendale, as his private home. Cade Allen and his family lived in this house from 1927 until 1947. When it went up for sale in 1947, this is what was said about it in the Times:

“Designed and built for someone who seeks the best. Visualize the ideal home life your family would enjoy if this home was yours. See the beautiful homes surrounding this house. There is seldom a home for sale in this section because they like the environment and the people living there. It would be impossible today to build this house for anything like the price as which it is offered. To produce this house would cost considerably more and a great part of pre-war material and craftsmanship which went into this home could probably not be bought in this market at any price. See this home for true comfort, beauty, construction, and fine taste. Every last detail for unequaled comfort has been included.”

“1st Floor: Living room with natural fireplace; dining room; breakfast room; sunroom; bedroom; kitchen; pantry; full bath.”

“2nd Floor: 4 spacious bedrooms and 2 large baths.”

“2-car garage, lawn pump, perfect hot-air heating plant, plus built-in electric heaters in every bedroom, living room and dining room. Real closets, 12 in 1ll, 7 walk-in closets and lots of extras for really gracious living. Lot is more than 1 acre. Price much less than you might expect to pay. Furnished or unfurnished.”

Cade Bush Allen was born on June 2, 1882, in Elmira New York. Cade was the fourth of five siblings. Cade’s father died when Cade was 13 years old. After his father’s death the family moved to Binghamton New York where Cade, in his 20’s, took up work as a contractor/builder. While in Binghamton Cade met Eva Bennett whom he would marry in 1910. The two had eight children.

In 1911 Cade, Eva and the Riggs family (Eva’s sister) moved to St. Pete. Cade opened the C. Allen and Riggs Real Estate Office and immediately started purchasing property and building houses in St. Pete.

Cade is best known for his Allendale Subdivision homes and the high quality of workmanship that was put into them. These homes were, and are still, highly desired.

During the real estate slump following the boom years of the twenties, he was one of the few developers who continued building until the depth of the depression in the early 1930’s.

Cade was also known for his strong religious faith and was a founder of the Gospel Center and member of the church’s board. He was also the builder and great contributor to the Allendale Methodist Church.

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