915 41st Ave N 33703

Then and Now — 1951 & 2021 — 915 41st Ave No.

From 1951: Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Garrison of St. Petersburg have purchased this new residence on the northwest corner of ninth street, in the Cade B. Allen & Sons development there. For the Garrisons, who moved here from Pennsylvania ten years ago, it is the second new Allen-built home which they will occupy. Their present residence at 945 40th Ave No, will be taken over by Allen in this transaction, and will become his residence. The corner residence which Garrison will move into within a few days has a 2 ½ lot site which lends itself to handsome landscaping. It has three bedrooms and two principal baths and a three-exposure room with fireplace in the foreground, on the south side. The natural grade of the site permits the “upstairs” section over the huge garage to be only five feet above the main floor level.”

Cade B. Allen pulled the permit for this house on January 8, 1950, it was to be a 7-room house with 2 baths for $22,000. The house was completed in August of 1950 and sold to the Garrisons in early 1951.

William Jacob Garrison was born July 4, 1880, in Conemaugh Pennsylvania. By age 19 William was working as a draughtsman at a machinist company. On August 1, 1911, William married Mabel Smith and six months later they welcomed their first child, Dean. William and Mabel had four other children, Lloyd (1914), Sarah (1916), Betsy (1921) and William Jr. (1925).

By 1918 William was a civil engineer and president and owner of the Fox Silica Sand & Stone Company in Ridgway Pennsylvania. William retired in 1939 and moved to St. Pete with Mabel. William and Mabel became active locally and were members of Pasadena Community Church, St. Pete Yacht Club, and the St. Pete Automotive Club. William was an active Mason and Shriner.

There was quite a stir in local papers in 1953 when Dean, their oldest son, sued his parents for $86,000. Dean’s claim was that his mother sold stock which belonged to Dean and only turned over $16,000 of the $86,000 that it was sold for. His parents contended that they had financed Dean much more than that in a failed business venture.  It was a nasty court battle. The local judge decided in Dean’s favor which prompted Mabel to appeal to the Florida Supreme Court, which also decided in Dean’s favor.

William Garrison died on April 26, 1954, during the heat of the legal battle, at age 73. Dean was the only child not mentioned in William’s obituary as a ‘survivor’. The Florida Supreme Court ruled in Dean’s favor 6 months after William died. Ironically, Dean Garrison died two years later in 1956 at age 44. Mabel lived on until September 25, 1979, when she passed away at age 92.

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