815 Jennings Ave N 33704 (Allendale)

Then and Now — 1938 & 2021 —  815 Jennings Ave No. (Allendale)

From 1938: “In Beautiful Allendale. East of 9th Street North between 36th & 37th Avenues, facing south on Allen Park. Two-story home of eight rooms, all oak floors. Four bedrooms and three baths. Electrically equipped kitchen. Completely and artistically furnished. Lots of shrubbery and fruit trees. A COMPLETE HOME. See it yourself…if interested in a good buy. Sold by Dee Brothers”

George Goodwin

This home was owned from 1930 – 1943 by George and Vesta Goodwin. George was born September 26, 1875, in Yarmouth Nova Scotia. He taught school for several years before coming to the United States in 1900. Upon arrival in the states George took a job with the YMCA in Manchester NH. George married Vesta Foote in 1902. In 1903 he graduated from the Secretarial Institute and Training School in Chicago, and became general secretary of the Pottsville, Pa., YMCA. In 1916 he was called to Washington DC as Interstate Secretary of Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, and DC YMCA’s. George retired in 1935 and relocated to St. Pete where he had wintered for several years. He became an active member of Pasadena Community Church. For his efforts in raising funds and increasing membership, the Goodwin Chapel was named in his honor (It is still called Goodwin Chapel and has a plaque on the building with his name). George served as president of the local Canadian Society. George died October 21, 1950, at age 75. Vesta lived another 25 years and passed away on May 16, 1975.

In 1944 George and Vesta sold the house to Dr. H. Milton Rogers and his wife Barbara. Dr. Rogers was a local cardiologist who practiced medicine in St. Pete from 1936 til 1985.  Milton Rogers came to St. Pete in 1921 from Duluth Mn. He had graduated from the University of Pittsburgh at the Presbyterian Hospital and did post graduate work at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He received a master’s degree from University of Minnesota and had a fellowship at the Mayo Clinic.  During WWII he served as a Captain in the US Army. In 1959 Milton established the “H. Milton Rogers Heart Foundation for Heart Research, Inc.” which operated in St. Anthony’s Hospital. He was on staff at the following hospitals, Mound Park, Palms, Ed White, and had served as chief of staff at St. Anthony’s. Dr. Rogers was a member of St. Peters Episcopal Church, St. Pete Yacht Club and the local Rotary. Dr. H. Milton Rogers died on March 11, 1985, at the age of 74.

In 1951 Dr. & Mrs. Rogers sold the house to George and Carolyn Alderson. Sonny Alderson (as he was called) was a pioneer greyhound kennel owner and racer and was very active at Derby Lane. Over the years he had raced dogs at tracks in Arkansas, Colorado, Alabama, and Florida. Sonny was entered in the Greyhound Hall of Fame. Sonny was born in Nash Oklahoma. He grew up around greyhounds in Oklahoma, but they were not used for racing, they were used for ‘coursing’ – or chasing rabbits. In 1926 at age 12 Sonny’s family moved to Tampa and he started following the racing of greyhounds. Sonny spent his life in the greyhound kennel business. Sonny died on September 13, 1995, at age 81. He is buried at Memorial Park Cemetery in St. Pete.

In 1964 the Alderson’s sold the house to Dr. & Mrs. Edward I. Biddison who lived in it until about 1980.

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