768 36th Ave N 33704

Then and Now —  1929 & 2021 —  768 36th Ave No.

This beautiful 2-story home was owned by Dr. C.C. Rudolph Sr. from 1929 – 1959.

Councill Courtland Rudolph Sr. was born on July 23, 1897, in Louisiana.  By the time Dr. Rudolph was three, the family had moved to Virginia and by his 13th birthday they were living in Alabama. By 1919 Dr. Rudolph was attending Virginia Military Academy and later earned his Medical Degree from Tulane (New Orleans) in 1923. The Tulane yearbook had this to say about Dr. Rudolph – “The ‘Count’, formerly a V.M.I. cadet, but now, with his winning smile and irrepressible good humor, a captain among the Debs, leaves Tulane with a scholastic record anyone should be proud of. The ‘smile’ is so characteristic of the man that we need mention it again, and which, along with his frankness, courtesy and good judgement, will play no small part in the successful practice of medicine, which we feel sure will result from his endeavors.”

Dr. Rudolph moved to St. Pete in 1925 and set up his practice. He was the first pediatrician in St. Pete and for his first 12 years, the ONLY pediatrician in St. Pete. During the Depression Dr. Rudolph set up the Well Baby Clinic, offering free childcare for poverty stricken families. The project was later adopted by the Junior League.

In 1929 Dr. Rudolph met Elizabeth from Tampa, who had been prominent in Tampa Society, having been the Gasparilla Queen in 1924. The two were married on June 4, 1929 and took up their residence at 768 36th Ave No (pictured in this post). The couple had two sons, John (1930) and Councill Jr. (1931).

During WWII, Dr. Rudolph was a commander for four years serving in New Zealand, New Hebrides and Miami. “Did everything but pediatrics” he said.

Dr. Rudolph had a very distinguished career as a pediatrician here in St. Pete from 1925 until his retirement in 1973. By 1973 he was treating his third generation of children.

Dr. Rudolph was a member of Kappa Alpha, Dragon Club of St. Pete, Academy of Pediatricians, Florida Medical Society, and Pinellas Medical Association. On June 4, 1979, Dr. and Mrs. Rudolph celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Five months later (November 20, 1979) Elizabeth died at age 76. Dr. Rudolph only lived five weeks after his wife passed. He died on December 29, 1979, at age 82. Both were cremated by the National Cremation Society

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