767 22nd Ave N 33704

Then and Now — 1932 & 2022767 22nd Ave No. (Crescent Lake)

From 1932: “New Bungalow Open for Inspection – NO TERMITES WORKING HERE! Lower joists and sills creosoted before being put together – also sub-floor; same bearing under center of house outside wall; board sheathing put on diagonally; 5/8” siding, copper valley, galvanized eave drip; asbestos roof; oak floors. Fine location facing south; servants’ quarters in garage. For sale exclusively by owner-builder W.W. Whiton”

This bungalow was built by William W. Whiton, who went by ‘Will’. Will was born in 1863 in Wakeman Ohio, his father a farmer. Will grew up on his family’s farm and at age 17 was listed in the 1880 Census as a farm hand.  Will ultimately took over the family farm and made a success of it. At age 25, Will met Ms. Gertrude Humphrey, also of Wakeman, and the two were married on September 20, 1888. Gertrude, who went by ‘Gertie’ worked alongside Will on the Farm and by 1900 she was helping run a Grocery business they started – selling their own produce. It was in 1904 that Gertie died, she was 40 years old. Will and Gertie never had children.

On June 14, 1905, Will married Ms. Julia Sherman, who also worked alongside Will on the farm. However, Will had let the grocery business go after Gertie’s death and put the focus on farming. Will and Julia also had no children. In 1919, when Will and Julia were 56 and 57 respectively, they retired from farming (having had a very successful farm) and moved to St. Pete. Will was not one to sit idle and after a few years Will started selling real estate and ultimately tried his hand at building. This featured house is one of the homes that Will built. He sold it to Robert & Harriette Sweet in 1933. The Sweet’s lived in it until Robert died in 1956, in all 23 years. On December 20, 1942, Will’s second wife Julia died, she was 80. Will married for the last time in 1943. His third wife was Mrs. Lula W. Sclater, a retired nurse. They were married for 13 years, until Will passed away on September 14, 1956 at the age of 93.

Will was buried in Wakeman Township Cemetery next to his parents and his first and second wife. No records could be found about Lula and her passing, and she is not buried with Will and his other wives.

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