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Then and Now — 1936 & 2023 745 8th Ave So.

This Roser Park house was built in 1922 for Dr. T.H. and Anna Green.

Thaddeus Hall Green was born on September 25, 1890, in Dellwood Florida, a small farming town about three miles northeast of Marianna, near the Georgia border. Thaddeus was the youngest of four boys who, while growing up, were all helping on the father’s farm.

Thaddeus received his schooling in Marianna and upon graduation from High School enrolled at Emory University in Atlanta and began studies in medicine. After graduating from Emory with his medical degree in 1914, Thaddeus immediately married Ms. Anna Lucia DiAntonio who was 7 years his junior. The couple moved to Bascom Florida (about 8 miles northeast of Dellwood, where he was born) where Thaddeus set up a private medical practice. Anna and Thaddeus had no children.

By 1917, Thaddeus and Anna moved to St. Pete where he started a medical practice under the title “T.H. Green MD” and was one of only a few doctors in the city. In 1922, Thaddeus and Anna had this featured house built in Roser Park with plenty of rooms to be able to use it also as rental property.

On May 1, 1926, Anna filed for divorce which didn’t seem to be granted by the local court system, so in September of 1927, Thaddeus and Anna went to Reno, NV, where the divorce was granted. Nevada allowed divorce on a wide range of grounds, which was far different from the rest of the country.

Pauline Robinson

The divorce was granted on September 19, 1927, and Thaddeus was married a second time on October 9, 1927, this time to Ms. Pauline Elizabeth Robinson, age 18, and 20 years his junior. Pauline’s father was a judge in Waynesville Ga. The couple had one daughter, Pauline Elizabeth (whom they called “Betty”) on June 25, 1929.

Shortly after his marriage to Pauline, Thaddeus sold this featured house. In 1940, Thaddeus opened (and operated) Doctors Hospital in St. Pete, located in a large home at 1485 4th Ave No. It was described in the Times as having “24 beds and is equipped with modern surgical and obstetrical facilities”. Thaddeus ran the hospital until its sale in 1951.

Ruth Proctor

Thaddeus and Pauline were divorced in 1942 and in less than a year Thaddeus was married for a third time, this time to Ms. Ruth Mae Proctor, also 20 years younger than himself. He and Ruth were married for 11 years, when on September 16, 1953, at age 62, Thaddeus died. He was buried at Royal Palm Cemetery in St. Pete.

Ruth died in 1998 and is buried next to Thaddeus at Royal Palm Cemetery. Thaddeus’s daughter, Betty, died in 2016. His first wife Anna, died in Shreveport La., in 1987 and his second wife Pauline, died in Brunswick Ga., in 2006.

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