700 8th St. N 33701

Then and Now – 1935 & 2022 700 8th St. N (Was 803 7th Ave No)

From 1935: “This corner, 5-room, completely furnished bungalow, consisting of two large bedrooms, living room, kitchen, front and rear screened porches, and bath.”

Laura D. Williams

This house was originally purchased new in 1919 as an investment property by Laura D. Williams, a widow for $4,000.

Paul and Betty

Laura sold it to Paul and Betty Jones in 1929, these newly weds were teachers at SPHS, he taught English and she, math. In 1936 the house sold to George and Portia Schroder who stayed there until Portia died in 1973.

George Richard Schroder was born on September 3, 1877 in New York where he was educated. In 1899, at age 22, he married Ms. Marie Phillipine Drescher in a small ceremony at St. Mary’s Church in New York. The couple had one son, Edward in 1902. George was trained in photo engraving by his father and later took a position with Powers Colortype in New York City where he retired after 35 years and advancing to manager of the company.

By 1915 George and Marie’s marriage had deteriorated and the went to Nevada where they were granted a divorce. Soon after the divorce George married Ms. Portia Woodrich and the couple lived comfortably in Seacliff New York until George retired in 1934 and the couple moved to St. Pete. George loved the Sunshine City, not only for the weather, but for the wonderful fishing. He was an avid fisherman and could be found regularly on a fishing excursion. It was on one of the excursions in St. Cloud in 1936 that George had a sudden heart attack and died, he was 59. George was buried in Royal Palm South Cemetery in St. Pete.

Portia, who was then 47, stayed in this house until she passed away on May 14, 1973 at the age of 83. She is buried next to George. In all the Schroder’s lived in this house for 37 years.

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