455 18th Ave NE 33704

Then and Now — 1930 & 2023 455 18th Ave NE

From 1930: “Hollow tile construction with large living room, dining room, kitchen, sunroom, powder room and enclosed porch downstairs. Three bedrooms and two and one-half baths upstairs.”

This house, built in 1930, was originally purchased by Bert and Esther Goldberg, who lived in it until they moved to Beverly Hills California in 1944.

Bert B. Goldberg

Bert Benjamin Goldberg was born in Russia on January 16, 1883, the third of eight children. When Bert was 6 his family boarded a ship to the US and the family immigrated to Indianapolis. Bert received his schooling in Indianapolis and upon graduating High School he took a job in the clothing business. Bert was a hard worker and a quick learner, by age 23 he had opened his own clothing store in Indianapolis which was called “Bert B. Goldberg Clothing Co.”

Esther Secttor

Bert had met another Russian immigrant in Indianapolis, Ms. Esther Secttor, and the couple were soon announcing their engagement. They were married on March 20, 1907, in a small family wedding at the home of Esther’s parents, with two Rabbis officiating. Bert and Esther never had children.

Bert’s business being established and very successful, the couple decided it was time to become naturalized US citizens. Paperwork was filed and they received citizenship in 1913, he was 30 and she 27.

By 1930, Bert’s business success allowed the couple to begin wintering in St. Pete. They loved their first winter here and decided to purchase a home the next season. This featured house was just completed upon their return, and they fell in love with it, and made the purchase. During the winters in St. Pete, Bert tried his hand at realty and sold several homes in Granada Terrace.

Bert and Esther were very active at Temple Beth-El, serving on many committees, participating in several groups, and taking active roles in all events.

By 1937 Bert, then 54, decided that it was time to retire and do some traveling. He and Esther boarded a ship and took a 6 week cruise to Hawaii. During another trip they went back to Russia to visit their families.

In 1944, Bert and Esther made plans to leave St. Pete and move to Beverly Hills, Ca. They sold the house to Reginald and Elsie Sterns and boarded a train heading west. They remained in Beverly Hills until the time of Bert’s passing on July 15, 1953, he was 70. I was unable to find a death date for Esther.

Interior Photos: https://www.zillow.com/homes/455-18th-Ave-NE-Saint-Petersburg,-FL-33704_rb/47103136_zpid/

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