443 14th Ave NE 33701

Then and Now — 1929 & 2021 —  443 14th Ave NE

From 1929: “Japanese Villa – If you want something of rare charm, different from the stereotyped house which usually makes people sorry of their bargain before they move in, the above house will delight you and your friends for a great many years. The landscaping is truly tropical, and has a pleasant distinction of affording comforting shade, with an absolutely private and charming garden in the rear.”

“The living room is 35 X 15, with a huge fireplace, augmented by other heating arrangements. Two bedrooms downstairs with an all-tile bath, with an additional double bedroom with windows on all sides and a private shower upstairs, would provide accommodations for more people than the exterior divulges. The dining room and breakfast room are of liberal size.”

“There is a screened in tiled porch on the front of the house, which, of course, has the ideal southern exposure, and a smaller screened porch on the rear. The house is furnished throughout exceptionally well and the unusual plan of the interior, with its lovely woodwork will make it well worth your while to inspect this property before you buy a thing. This is indeed quality – not quantity.”

This home was being sold by Nelson P. Poynter and his wife Catherine. Nelson and Catherine were moving and needed to sell. Nelson Paul Poynter was born on December 15, 1903, to Paul and Alice Poynter (Paul Poynter, whose full name was “Saint Paul Poynter”, owned the St. Pete Times from 1912 – 1950) in Sullivan Indiana. On December 28, 1927, Paul married Catherine Ferguson, the announcement of which the Times reported as being “a great surprise to their friends”. Nelson, whose address in 1927 had been the ‘Jungle Hotel’, now purchased this home for he and his bride, Catherine. However, they only lived here about a year when a new position with the Clearwater Sun made it necessary for them to move.

In 1935 Nelson began buying stock in the Times from his father and became the editor in 1939. Nelson stayed in this position until his father’s death in 1950 when he was appointed president. His most lasting legacy was the establishment of the ‘Modern Media Institute’ later renamed the ‘Poynter Institute’.

Nelson was married three times, first to Catherine Ferguson, until their divorce in 1942, then to Henrietta from 1942 until her death in 1968 and finally to Marian Knauss.

Nelson Paul Poynter died on June 15, 1978 at the age of 75. 

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