316 16th Ave NE 33704

Then and Now — 1935 & 2022316 16th Ave NE. (North Shore)

This 2-story, 6-room, frame house with garage was built in 1924 by Clarence Clayton, a local builder, for a cost of $5,000. In 1935 it was purchased by Samuel and Ada Jeffrey for their winter retirement home.

Samuel Jeffrey

Samuel Jeffrey was born on October 3, 1859, in Port Perry, Ontario Canada, where he would live his entire life. Samuel later became an enterprising and energetic businessman. He was known throughout Canada as a maker of fine horse harnesses and devoted his entire working life to his business. He made his start with B.F. Ackerman and was for a time in Uxbridge, and in Rome, N.Y.

Annie Jeffrey

In 1887, Sam married Ms. Annie Isabella Courtice, and the couple had one son, Cyril in 1888. Sam went into partnership with Annie’s father Thomas, a relationship which continued until the death of Mr. Courtice in 1901. When he joined Mr. Courtice, the shop was in the retail trade only, so Mr. Jeffrey started the wholesale business, and during his forty years in this line, built up a large trade. In February 1912, the business was renamed S. Jeffrey and Son, when his son Cyril Jeffrey joined the firm.

Annie passed away on July 12, 1916, at age 50.

Ada Jeffrey

Samuel remarried on September 2, 1918, to Ada Elena Broad, age 46.

In 1935, at ages 76 and 63, Samuel and Ada purchased this featured home in St. Pete where they spent their winters until 1944, when the annual trek south became too much for 85 year old Samuel.

Samuel passed away at 93 years of age, in 1952 and was interred at Pine Grove Cemetery. His wife, Ada died on March 31, 1957.

Standing in front of 316 16th Ave NE – 1935

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