304 21st Ave N 33704

From 1936: “This impressive 2-story home is of solid frame construction and in excellent condition throughout. Completely and tastefully furnished, including new electric refrigerator, new gas range, etc. Spacious living porch, large living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or den with toilet down; 3 fine bedrooms and bath up; steam radiator heat and fireplace, 2-car garage; beautiful palms and shrubbery. A most outstanding value at $6750”

Irene Daisy

This house was originally built in 1925 and was owned from 1936 – 1955 by Irene M. Basore and her daughter Daisy.

Irene May Gentleman was born in 1863, in Ottawa, Illinois, the 4th of 5 children. Her father was a wealthy landowner who ran several farms. Irene, who went by ‘Rene’, received her schooling in Illinois and at age 20 married Mr. Calloway D. Basore, age 22. Cal, as he was called, was in farming and lived in the next township over from Rene.

Rene and Cal had two children, David (1884) and Daisy (1887), who were raised in the farm country of Illinois. Rene and Cal sent their children to Morgan Park Academy in Illinois, which was a coeducational college preparatory school established in 1873 and is still in operation today. When their son David graduated, he moved to Boston Massachusetts and became an electrician. Sadly, David died in 1910, at age 25 from scarlet fever. His body was sent back to Illinois for burial. The following year Cal contracted kidney disease and died on February 11, 1911, he was 49 years old. Rene and Daisy needed a change of venue, so in the fall of 1912, they packed their bags and caught the train to St. Pete. Rene hired a manager to oversee their huge farm interests in Illinois and kept busy in the Sunshine City as the state manager of the H.W. Gossard Corset Co. Finances, were not an issue, Rene was working mainly to occupy her time.

In 1936 Rene and Daisy purchased this featured house for $6,750 cash. Rene lived in the house for 7 years until she passed away on March 27, 1943, she was 80 years old. Daisy remained in the house another 13 years until she died on April 27, 1956, at age 70. The house was then sold to settle the estate.

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