248 14th Ave NE 33701

Then and Now — 1932 & 2022 — 248 14th Ave NE

From 1932: “Fine Residence In City Bought By C.J. Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Courtney J. Clark and daughter Sarah Elizabeth, having spent the past 8 winter seasons in St. Petersburg, have purchased from Mrs. M. Hopple the attractive 2-story home at 248 14th Avenue northeast, which they consider one of the most desirable locations. Mr. Clark represents the Kelley Sales System of Minneapolis, and his work covers the United States and eastern Canada. Clark believes St. Petersburg the most desirable place for a home and says this is the time to buy property in St. Petersburg. Their daughter has been a student at Shore Crest the past eight seasons.”

Courtney James Clark was born on October 1, 1884, in Dade City, Florida and received his schooling in Pasco County. Upon graduating High School Courtney attended Stetson University in Deland, Florida and graduated in 1904. Upon graduating from Stetson Courtney opened a Clothing and Shoe business in Shelbyville Tennessee. It was in Shelbyville that Courtney married Ms. Elizabeth K. ‘Eliza’ McDonald on June 30, 1910. Her father was a local physician and the family very prominent in Shelbyville. Courtney and Eliza had a son, Courtney Jr. who only lived a few days. It would be nine more years until they had their second child, Sarah Elizabeth, who was born April 7, 1919.

Courtney’s work in the clothing industry led him to become connected with many national companies. In 1918 he was associated with the Ingram-Powder Company in Colorado, and it was here in Colorado that Sarah was born. Courtney and Eliza however, always kept close to Shelbyville and her family ties. In 1927 Courtney and Eliza began wintering in St. Pete with their 8-year-old daughter Sarah. During the winter months Sarah attended Shore Crest School – and later attended St. Pete High School, graduating in 1936. Sarah was a very smart young lady and made near straight A’s throughout her high school years. After graduation Sarah followed in her father’s footsteps and attended Stetson University. While in attendance at Stetson Sarah was congratulated in the Times for her earning honor roll and dean’s list rankings and being placed in the ‘Who’s Who in American Universities and Colleges’. While at Stetson Sarah became a member of the Tri Delta sorority. After earning her bachelor’s degree from Stetson, Sarah attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth Texas, where she earned a master’s degree in religious education and drama. The Clark family attended 1st Baptist Church here in St. Pete and it was in this church that Sarah married Dr. John Porter Ferrell on June 7, 1942. John, also a graduate of St. Pete High (1935), had just graduated from Emory University with his MD degree, and was a member of Theta Kappa Psi fraternity there. It being 1942, and with having just graduated from medical school, John would be accepting a commission in the US Navy within a few weeks. He would start his service at a hospital in Charleston SC, and ultimately ended up serving in the Pacific with the 1st Marine Division and was awarded various medals, including a purple heart. After the war John returned to St. Pete where was a radiologist at local hospitals from 1947 – 1978.

After Sarah and John married, her parents, Courtney and Eliza, stayed in this house at 248 14th Ave NE until Eliza’s January 15, 1949, when Sarah and John moved in to help Courtney. The family sold the house in 1951.

Sarah Clark Farrell died on January 17, 1988, at the age of 68, she was survived by John and their three sons, James, John and Dana. Sarah was buried at Memorial Park Cemetery in St. Pete. John died March 8, 1995, at age 77 and is buried next to Sarah.

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