246 21st Ave SE 33705

Then and Now — 1932 & 2022246 21st Avenue SE

From 1932: “Two-story semi-colonial frame home, overlooking Tampa Bay in the most beautiful section. Four bedrooms, 2 tile baths; Completely Furnished. Servants’ cottage and 2-car garage on rear of lot. Property in perfect condition. A really wonderful home and outstanding value. Sold by Fogarty Bros.”

This home was originally purchased by Paul Benjamin Chandler and his wife Margaret. Paul was born in April 4, 1887 in Lowell MA. Paul was educated in local schools and graduated from Lowell High School. After High School Paul attended Exeter Academy and Cornell University, where he joined Kappa Sigma fraternity. On October 21, 1914, he married Ms. Madelaine Kaufman, who grew up just 10 miles away from Lowell, in Lawrence MA. Paul was 27 and Madelaine, 20. The couple had a daughter Dorothy (1919). Madelaine died on December 5, 1920, when Dorothy was but a year and a half old, leaving her husband of six years with an infant daughter to raise. Paul had help from his parents, also living in Lowell, in raising Dorothy. On August 8, 1925, Paul was remarried to Ms. Margaret Ellswoth Britton, also from Lowell. Paul and Margaret had one daughter, Lois (1929).

In 1926, a year after their marriage, Paul and Margaret decided to pack their girls aged, 7 and 1, and head to Florida. Paul had been a real estate salesman in Lowell and had heard of the wonderful boom time sales going in here in Florida. His first stop was in Brooksville, but he was soon swayed to move to St. Pete. When he arrived here, he went to the Tourtelot Real Estate office looking for a rental. When the rental was secured, Chandler was so impressed with the transaction that he decided he’d work for the Tourtelots. Chandler engaged in both rentals and sales, many times meeting his customers at the railroad station, even stocking their homes with groceries.  Paul worked for 32 years for the Tourtelot Real estate company and was their oldest employee in length of service.

Paul was active in the local Masonic Lodge (St. Pete Lodge No. 139) and when he passed away on December 2, 1960, the Masonic Lodge officiated at his funeral, Paul was 73. Margaret died on September 1, 1978, at age 79. The couple are buried at the Lowell Cemetery in Lowell MA.

Paul and Margaret lived in this house from 1932 until she passed away in 1978.

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