230 65th St N 33710

Then and Now — 1926 & 2022 230 65th St No(Lake Pasadena)

This 2-story, 4-bedroom, 2 ½ bath, house was built in 1926 for John and Evelyn Herring.

John Augustus Herring was born on May 7, 1891, in Lexington KY. After graduating High School in Lexington, John attended Georgetown College in Kentucky where he received his degree in medicine. He then took his residency at Saratoga Springs Hospital, NY. John was one of the early specialists in X-ray technology. By 1917 John was on the staff at St. Luke’s Hospital in NYC and was listed on his WWI draft card as ‘exempt’ from service due to ‘incipient tuberculosis’.

On February 1, 1923, John married Ms. Evelyn Frances Dulin (11 years his junior), whom he had known from Lexington. In 1918 Evelyn’s family had begun spending their winters in St. Pete, and it was here that John and Evelyn were married. The wedding was performed in St. Peter’s Episcopal Church by Rev W.W. Williams. Following the ceremony there was a reception dinner held at the Mockingbird Tea Room in Pasadena (located on the Southeast corner of Park St & Central). The next day John and Evelyn caught the train at the A.C.L. Station and began their honeymoon through the southeast including Atlanta and Savannah. John and Evelyn had their first child, also named Evelyn (they called her Emmy) in 1925. In 1930 they had twins, John Jr and Jane. Jane died in infancy, leaving just the two children to raise.

In 1926 John and Evelyn purchased this featured house in Lake Pasadena. John had a successful family practice in St. Pete and served as the Florida Military Academy (located at the now Stetson Law School) Medical Officer from its opening in 1932 until the time of his death on November 17, 1943. John was also president of the Pinellas County Medical Society in 1940 and along with Evelyn served as a director of the local Red Cross.

John died at age 53 following a surgical procedure, he had been battling the pulmonary tuberculosis his entire life, and now had succumbed to it. He was remembered in the Times as “a happy, carefree and gregarious man who had a good word for almost everyone.”  When John died his son, John Jr. was attending Florida Military Academy and Emmy was attending Wesleyan Women’s College in Macon Ga.  John’s wife Evelyn lived on until May 4, 1959, when she passed away at age 57. Both are buried in Royal Palm South Cemetery in St. Pete.

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