116 14th Ave NE 33701

Then and Now — 1929 & 2021 — 116 14th Ave NE.

This 2-story, brick house has 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, fireplace, 2-car garage. It was built in 1925 and from the 1930’s until 1962 it was owned by Mr. & Mrs. Burt Edward Lloyd.

Burt was born on January 7, 1884 in Orillia Canada. In 1901, at age 17. Burt moved to New York City and took a job in ‘mechanical dentistry’ where he worked at the manufacture of dentures. While living in New York, Burt met Ms. Edith Gibbs and the two were married October 21, 1908. They had three children, Milton, Edward and Muriel.

In 1917, being mechanically inclined, Burt invented (and patented) the voice for the ‘Ma-Ma’ Doll and organized the Lloyd Mfg. Co. providing talking voices for baby dolls. His business was very successful and Burt soon had made enough money to be very comfortable. In the 1920’s Burt began bringing his family to St. Petersburg for the winter months and in the 1930’s purchased this house on 14th Ave NE.

In 1929, Burt, along with his two brothers, purchased lake front property in Shohola Pennsylvania and opened the Camp Sagamore Summer Resort at Twin Lakes, Pike County.

Burt and his wife Edith lived in this house on 14th Ave NE for nearly 25 years, until the time of his death, July 26, 1962. After Burt died Edith moved to New Jersey, where she lived until the time of her passing on December 2, 1972.

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