115 19th Ave NE 33704

Then and Now — 1934 & 2022115 19th Ave NE

From 1934: “$4,000 – one of the city’s coziest homes, attractively furnished including FRIGIDAIRE; large living room with fireplace and circulating heating system, dining room with French doors opening to a splendid living porch, roomy kitchen, two bedrooms and tile bath, Two-car garage; Lot 60 X 110 ft. Remember – this is NORTH SHORE!”

This house was owned in 1933 by Dr. Jesse A. Strickland, a local medical doctor, who lived there with his wife Cela and daughter Jacquelin, for a year when they sold it in 1934 to Mr. and Mrs. O.D. Hewitt, retirees from Locke, New York, who moved here in 1934 and paid cash for the house. The Hewitt’s almost immediately put the house up for sale and in April of 1935 they sold to Fred W. Crockett of Canada. Crockett was just a short timer there as well and sold the house in 1938 to William B. Laighton. The Laighton family was the first long term family to live in the home. They were there from 1938 until 1956 when they sold it to Edward and Olive Peterson.

William Batchelder Laighton was born in Brookline MA. On September 20, 1862 and was educated in the Boston school system. Upon graduating William began working for the Apsley Rubber Company. On June 2, 1897, William (age 35) married Ms. Florence Emma Bean (age 27), at All-Saints Episcopal Church built in 1892 in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston and touted in the Boston Globe as “one of the most brilliant weddings of the season”. The couple had three children, Henry (1899) died at birth, Marjorie (1904) and William Jr. (1905). In 1914 William decided to make a career move and resigned from the Apsley Rubber Company and went to work for a competitor, the Hood Rubber Products Company based in Watertown MA.

William remained with the Hood Rubber Company until his retirement in 1935 when he and Florence packed their belongings and moved to St. Pete. This bungalow was just the size they needed for their retirement, and they made the purchase from Fred Crockett. William and Florence lived here until he died on February 14, 1951, at age 88. William was buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery in Dorchester, MA. Florence stayed in the house until her passing in 1954 when she moved in with her daughter up north. Florence passed away on May 28, 1958, she was 78. In all the Laighton’s lived in this house for 16 years.

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115 19th Ave NE 33704
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