111 8th Ave N 33701

Then and Now — 1944 & 2021 111 8th Ave N

From 1944: “There are five bedrooms and two baths besides regular living quarters in this two-story residence at 111 8th Avenue North.”

This house was built in 1923 and owned from 1927 – 1929 by Mrs. Alla Truax who was granted a permit in 1929 to add a one story wood frame garage to the back of the property.

From 1932-38 the house was owned by Fred and Iris Knox.

Carl C. Dramm was next to purchase the house and only had it a short while before he sold it in 1944 to Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Moorman. Moorman was a retired oil field worker. The Moormans lived there for two years and sold it to Ms. Olivette Swallen and her father Rev Dr. William L. Swallen, who lived there from 1946 until 1954.

The Swallen family history is very interesting. Olivette Swallen’s father, Rev. Dr. William L. Swallen D.D., was a Presbyterian missionary who, with his wife and children, lived in Korea for 48 years (all of his children were born in Korea). Dr. Swallen translated more than 20 books into the Korean language. He was also decorated by the Japanese government for introducing Western apples into Korea, where later the growing of apples resulted in shipping of thousands of tons to Japan and China. In 1940 Dr. Swallen retired and moved to St. Petersburg with his wife and daughter Olivette. Dr. Swallen and his wife bought a house at 605 22nd Ave No. On December 31, 1945 Sallie Swallen (Dr. Swallen’s wife of 53 years) died. Shortly thereafter Dr. Swallen and his daughter, Olivette, moved into 111 8th Ave No (pictured here). Dr. Swallen and his daughter lived together in this house until he passed away in 1954 at age 95. Olivette passed away in 1975 and is buried near her father at Memorial Park Cemetery in St. Pete.

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111 8th Ave N 33701
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