106 23rd Ave NE 33704

Then and Now — 1929 & 2021 — 106 23rd Ave NE (Granada Terrace).

From 1929: “8 rooms and 2 baths, 2-car garage, constructed of Magnesite Stucco. Lot 61 X 100. There is also a 20-foot water lot facing Coffee Pot Bayou that goes with this property. A place to keep your yacht.”

Notice how the domed roof on the tower was replaced.

For those wondering what “Magnesite Stucco” is, I have attached a 1929 Times article about it. Many homes in Granada Terrace were constructed with it. Basically it was a composition of magnesia which came from California, Austria and Greece. After this rock had been burned (or calcined) it was mixed with Georgia ground marble, which made the filler and then to this was added asbestos, making it fire resistant and then sand was added. No cement was used in the composition. Magnesium chloride, a salt product from Germany, was the binder and the principle part. IN 1929 Magnesite Stucco was being produced right here in St. Pete. — it’s in the article below.

From the 1929 St. Pete Times

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